Poetry Excerpts

The Weekly Avocet

I followed the squealing to the barn,
my father wielding an axe,
the piglet desperate.
I burst into tears,
an uncontrolled outpouring.
Pa shook his head saying,
"The runt is yours, Fern.
Do with it what you will.”

Excerpt from: 
Fern Saves the Literary Pig, Wilbur

Published in: 
The Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry

Mom counts off by fives—
“Ready or not, here I come.”
Behind trees, I grin.

Hide-And-Seek Haiku

Published in Highlights High Five Magazine

The Weekly Avocet
(Photo Courtesy of Highlights Magazine)

I want my poetry
to grab your heart
to wrestle your mind
to pulse a beat so deep into your soul that
you want
to write
to sing
to dance your message
to all who will listen

Excerpt from: 
I Want My Poetry To Be Read
Published in Moss Piglet Magazine

A lone goose calls.
Dry oak leaves crackle as I hurry to my seat.
The pond, a stage, reflects autumn’s fire.
Sections of oak and maple
perform dressed in chestnut and honey. 
They rustle to find their proper tune.

Excerpt from: 
Autumn Opus

My Almost Tibetan Daughter.

Published in:
Bramble, A Literary Magazine of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (2023)

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