Poetry Excerpts

The Weekly Avocet

I followed the squealing to the barn,
my father wielding an axe,
the piglet desperate.
I burst into tears,
an uncontrolled outpouring.
Pa shook his head saying,
"The runt is yours, Fern.
Do with it what you will.”

Excerpt from: 
Fern Saves the Literary Pig, Wilbur

Published in: 
The Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry

Mom counts off by fives—
“Ready or not, here I come.”
Behind trees, I grin.

Hide-And-Seek Haiku

Published in Highlights High Five Magazine

The Weekly Avocet
(Photo Courtesy of Highlights Magazine)

Leonardo pauses for inspiration.
Are her eyes the perfect green?
The folds of her silk dress,
do they fall just so?

Excerpt from: 
Leonardo Ponders the Mona Lisa

A lone goose calls.
Dry oak leaves crackle as I hurry to my seat.
The pond, a stage, reflects autumn’s fire.
Sections of oak and maple
perform dressed in chestnut and honey. 
They rustle to find their proper tune.

Excerpt from: 
Autumn Opus

Little Sadnesses

A submission for: 
Poetry Archive Now! Worldview 2022 Competition

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